Harris Bernstein is a trust-inspiring, revenue and operations leader who develops collaborative relationships with CEO’s, executive teams, and companies that want to sustainably accelerate their revenue growth and their overall company performance.

With over 30 years of experience initiating strategies that have led to revenue growth in digital and print mediums, Harris knows what it takes to harness startup enthusiasm and coax inertia into action, while turning opportunities into business gold.

From his early beginnings at the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times, and his early employment at digital advertising companies with ValueClick (now Conversant), Coolsavings (now Q-Interactive), and AOL (now Oath), Tribal Fusion (now Exponential, Inc.) Metamarkets (now owned by Snap) and most recently as VP of Account Strategy, North America at Criteo, Harris comes to The Devereux Group with a proven track record.

For over 23 consecutive years, Harris has delivered double and triple digit year- over- year growth because of his personal attention to detail using key performance indicators and critical success factors to keep him on a path to profitability. Understanding process and managing people is his talent which has earned him the loyalty and trust from his teams as well as his colleagues.

Using the proven methodologies from The Devereux Group, Harris has been able to address internal process and people issues, remove roadblocks blocking clients from results, train teams of millennials to understand the nuances of prospecting, and reduce conflict by gaining consensus within companies and with clients.

When having a moment to himself, Harris enjoys golfing and is an experienced motorcyclist who lives and works bi-coastally in San Francisco and New York.