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Concept of remote video conferencing during pandemic

Digital Media

Non-Selling Account

Strategy Team

Multi-national Digital Media Company increased the total client advertising spend by $45M in two quarters to exceed increased budget demands by management

Revenue  $106M increase in total client spend in 2 quarters without new products

Recovered Business  $30M total client spend recovered (from business lost and rescued) 

ROI: + 0 %

Digital Retargeting

Revenue Growth Digital Marketing Company grew from $30M in US sales to $106M in 24 months

Product Launch  Plus launched a new product that generated $5M in NEW revenue in 6 months

ROI: + 0 % Revenue Growth

Digital Retargeting

Case Study
Internet of Things

SaaS Data Analytics

Closed a $4.5 M pipeline in two months after working with DCG and exceeded quota by $310%

Reduced the sales cycle from 12 weeks to 6 weeks which created more revenue in less time from new opportunities 

ROI: Exceeded Quota + 0 %
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