Lauryn Wingate


By the time Lauryn was 25, she was already a Vice President of an ad agency in a top ten market. Her willingness to learn and her determination to succeed launched a marketing and media career that spanned over 19 years from handling major accounts such as Goodyear Tire, Stouffers, and Dillard’s Department Stores at advertising agencies to Fox Broadcasting in Cleveland and Interep National Radio Sales in Los Angeles before starting her own business.  

In her own company, Lauryn capitalized on the lessons learned from her earlier career and found that delivering on the promise to achieve results was best accomplished by understanding market trends and focusing on the one element that set her clients apart from their competition. This emphasis on results successfully launched clients such as (, ContentWatch (Net Nanny),, and many more.

Now, collaboratively working with The Devereux Group, Lauryn transferred her media and direct response expertise into pursuing companies and management teams craving for transformational performance-based results with the competitive edge that The DCG Process offers.

When not at the office, you can find her involved with her community, fundraising, or writing grants for nonprofits. She has master’s certifications from Notre Dame, Mendoza School of Business, and the Nonprofit Academy at the University of Utah. Lauryn is a graduate of  Ohio University’s College of Business.

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