Alexander Devereux

Alex Devereux’s remarkable 32-year career of providing strong direction, expert advice, training and consulting, is only highlighted by his continuing quest to find the keys to high performance success for clients. Always a problem-solver, Alex is known as an effective mentor and knowledge manager who advocates human potential development, knowledge retention, and collaboration.

Because of his clear understanding of modern business issues, the desire for executives to build a breakout company with exponential results, and the changing technological landscape disrupting many industries, Alex developed a strategic approach called The Devereux Method. Unlike some approaches that require a company to change personnel or insert an entirely new system, Alex uses an intuitive and systemic approach that preserves the integrity of an organization’s processes, procedures, and personnel.

As an executive and corporate consulting firm, The Devereux Group works with corporate executives, owners, managers, and sales teams from coast-to-coast, Hong Kong and London, to bring more strategic intention into an organization. As an entrepreneur himself, he launched and managed three successful businesses ranging from management training to direct response video production, and has worked with clients in media and entertainment, fashion, construction, education, hospitality, nonprofit and more.