No two companies are alike. At The Devereux Group we know that needs for growth and development vary depending on where a company is in their lifecycle. That’s why our solutions are not canned. The Devereux Approach starts by getting to know your business, your people, your process, and your objectives and goals before recommending a plan for reaching your desired outcomes.

The Devereux Group


The emphasis of The Devereux Group’s Approach is on performance-based results. Beginning with our Executive evaluation, we design a personalized roadmap that gets you on track for achieving your business and personnel goals. The DCG approach reviews learning and management styles, problem-solving and conflict resolution needs, generational culture syncing, and defines the process necessary to assist you with increasing revenue.

The bottom line, The Devereux Group is focused on bringing your company results for your investment dollars. We address internal and external issues to free up your time and attention so you can Mind Your Own Business again.

DCG Development Expertise

The Devereux Group is uniquely sophisticated in its approach to individualized client attention. Years of preparation in the form of research, consulting, training and coaching have gone into developing the successful process that we use today. At The Devereux Group, our performance-based outcomes will lead your company to increased profitability.

Evaluating People. Building Stronger 

Building a strong and effective team takes time and commitment.Using Everything DiSC® assessments and other evaluation tools, DCG activates individuals to communicate better with their teams, which in turn, aids them in becoming more fiscally engaged.

Generational Management. Culture Syncing.

Managing generational differences has become a concern for many businesses. Diverse perspectives can inhibit innovation. With the proper tools to promote communication and foster collaboration, innovation can flourish. At DCG, we teach engagement techniques that are built on vision, alignment, and execution.

Problem-Solving. Conflict Resolution.

Conflict in the workplace can stunt a company’s growth . Diagnosing the conflict starts by understanding the interests of the parties involved in the conflict. Once the issues are exposed, decision makers and managers can build consensus by finding mutually acceptable solutions to the problem. DCG teaches you how to manage conflict, build consensus, and move to a resolution easily and effectively.

Identifying Bottlenecks. Defining Process.

Defining what your business does, who is responsible, and how the process should be completed helps to keep a company on track. The DCG Approach simplifies the process by highlighting bottlenecks in the process. With tools like bpm online®, we integrate marketing, sales, and service into one CRM software that keeps businesses on track… at-a-glance.

Building Value. Understanding Pains and Gains.

The first step in building value is to be truly interested in your client’s pains and gains. Sounds simple? You would be surprised how often the story is all about your products services without an understanding of your customer’s needs. At DCG, we use a proven method that matches the needs of current and potential customers with the benefits of your products and services to build a trusting client relationship.

Consulting. Training. Performance-Based Results.

At The Devereux Group, we work with clients in all industries who have tried other methods and are now looking to make improvements that are scalable and lasting. Using proven methods and taking a holistic approach, DCG assists clients strategically and tactically to reach their desired outcomes for increased profitability and employee engagement.

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Clients Prefer The DCG Approach.

DCG’s relationships are not limited by industry or size. We provide exceptional services to multi-national corporations as well as small to medium-sized, privately held businesses. Our focus is on performance-based results for our clients.

  • Consumer Goods

  • Education

  • Hospitality

  • Nonprofit

  • Construction

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Digital Advertising

  • Financial Services

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The Devereux Group is unique in its approach and eager to help you have the freedom to Mind Your Own Business again.

To learn more about how we can help you increase your revenue, onboard your people, resolve conflict, and transform your company,  contact us.

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